My name is Selena. I have a background in medicine, when I worked as a Doctor. I’ve since changed profession due to family priorities. I’ve a love of photography, it’s something I always did since a child. I decided to receive a second profession as a photographer. This outlet set me free to express myself. I have a passion for taking pictures of people. Precious moments are something to treasure and the best way to hold onto them is to freeze frame them. This is what I do.

I’m in love with photography and creating memories that my clients **love**. Being the mother of two children I know that each child is unique with a personality of their own: each day I am reminded of what a blessing they are. Many families I work with return to me for more photo shoots. Quite often I work at a couple’s wedding and I’m asked to return and capture those other special moments in their life.

All you need to do is to tell somebody your story. I can do that for you. I offer my imagination and my camera. Contact me here or come on over for a cuppa and a chat. I am a Rugby based photographer and I photograph weddings, newborns, toddlers, children, families, nurseries and pets in the Warwickshire, Midland’s areas of England and beyond.